Once your interview is wrapping up, you might get nervous trying to figure out if there’s anything else you still need to ask. In this article, we’ll get into 3 questions to ask after your interview so you leave your interview well-informed and without regret.


At the end of an interview, you can always ask what the timeline looks like after your interview. A great question to ask is, “When should I expect to receive a response?”. 

If you don’t want to ask directly when you’ll be notified about receiving a job offer or not, you can ask about a general timeline that the company wants the position to be filled by. This helps you continue your job search without worrying that you still might receive a response one day.

Knowing around the time you should expect a final decision or what the timeline for the next steps of the process are will help you know when to move on if you don’t hear back from the position. 


Asking specific questions about the company you are interviewing for is a perfect question to ask after your interview. If you’re wondering about the company culture, how much collaboration is involved, or what a typical day looks like, now is the time to ask.

Questions about the company are especially important if you have specific criteria for your ideal workplace. If you prefer collaboration, but the workplace you’re interviewing for prefers individuals working alone, it would help you make a decision in the future.

Some example questions that you can ask are, “How would you describe the company culture?”, “Do employees often spend time together outside of work?”, or “What does a typical day look like for a <insert position you’re interviewing for>?”

Furthering the Process

A question to ask after your interview to help differentiate yourself from many other applicants is “Do you have any hesitations about moving me forward in this process?”.

This question shows that you are unafraid to ask for feedback and address it head-on. Once your interviewer responds, you will also get the chance to address any concerns they might have brought up.

Even if the response you receive is something along the lines of “I have no hesitation moving you forward, this is just a competitive position with many applicants,” it will be noted that you asked a brave question.

You don’t have to ask all 3 questions after your interview, but having these prepared beforehand will help relax you during your interview and avoid coming up with unnecessary questions on the spot.

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