Questions college student have about careers
Q1: Should you network as a college student? 

As a college student this can be intimidating because most of the time these networking opportunities are at career fairs or industry meetings.

What should you do instead?

The best way for you to start networking as a student or entry-level professional is through Linkedin. Start with just your personal connections, then expand outward.
If you attend a college fair or any other networking event at your school, make sure to add them afterward. Message them on Linkedin and send them a short message that shows them you enjoyed getting to talk with them.

When an interviewer asks you: tell me about yourself, do you know what is expected of you?

Share a little about your background. This is a great opportunity to highlight anything you are proud of. If asked to go into detail talk about the following: 

Where you go to school and what your major is – explain why you chose that. 

What extracurricular activities you’re involved in.

If you’re working or overwhelmed with schoolwork, talk about your job, how you manage work, studying and career preparation. 

Lastly, find a balance to share just enough.

You are a senior in college and you are wondering whether you should put where you went to high school in your resume? 

It’s common for freshmen and sophomores in college with limited experience to include their high school education on their resume, but once you reach your junior year you really shouldn’t. 

If you were involved in student organizations, completed internships and worked part-time jobs make sure you share that on your resume.

As a junior in college, what is the most important aspect of planning your career that you can start working on now?

The most important aspect is putting together a winning resume. Ask Sam our resident resume expert to help you with that. You will learn a LOT! With Sam you can compile your coursework, experiences, internships and skills to really get ahead.

Consider joining a volunteer organization, contribute and make a difference!

Secure a summer internship in the industry you’re trying to break into.

Take courses or gain a certification to set yourself apart.

What is the best way as a college freshmen to earn an internship?

Your career center is the first place you should go. Ask which companies offer internships and which companies would make a good match for you.

Other opportunity would be to talk to your professors from your major and see whether they have any connections that are willing to share with you.

Talk with your professors in your major and see if they have any connections they’d share with you. 

Look for internships or part-time jobs on campus to gain extra experience. 

When beginning to interview, what is most important to highlight about your experience?

Start by discussing the most relevant experience you have. In a perfect world, it would be an internship you did or a shadowing experience that you had. 

If you don’t have either of these, talk about how passionate you are about your chosen career path. Talk about your research into their company, and what you learned that you really loved.

You have a degree and you can’t get a job. How Do You Change That? 

First,  increase your experience by volunteering while searching for an internship or full-time opportunities.

Second, get a job that doesn’t relate to your industry, thinking about how you might learn related skills

Improve your skill set. Whether it is in social media, design, coding skills, etc.
There are freelance platforms now that let you study online and work remotely + earn good money while still being unemployed. 

Finally, you want to create a portfolio or presence to apply and get hired.

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