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There are so many options for jobs to look at that sometimes we get lost in the shuffle. Most people are willing to move based on opportunities and career growth. Few prefer to explore; more than anything, they are happy with the cities they live in or feel a draw to a particular place. Either way, it got me thinking about some of the most popular jobs available in the top 20 major US cities. 

I wasn’t terribly surprised to know that the most common job in almost every city is Registered Nurse or Nurses Assistant, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Nurses, however,  have always been in demand. Ultimately, I don’t want you to feel that it is a fad waiting to die out once the Pandemic ends, so you decide not to follow that path. 

This list comprises the top 20 most populated cities in the US, and I only included two of their most popular jobs. I highly encourage you to look at the city you would like to live in or the career path you have chosen and see what lines up! It’s enjoyable, and you never know what specialty you might discover! 

New York, NY

Registered Nurses and Real Estate Agents

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San Francisco, CA

Project Manager and Production Technician

Chicago, IL

Home Health Aid and Web Developer

Los Angeles, CA

Physical Therapist and Paralegals

Houston, TX

Petroleum Engineers and Computer Systems Analyst

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Austin, TX

Market Research Analyst and Accountants

Seattle, WA

Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant

Philidelphia, PA

Interpreter/Translator and Operations Analyst

Fortworth, TX

Psychiatrists and Physicians 

San Antonio, TX

Social Media Manager and IT Content Author

Indianapolis, IN

Accountants/Auditors and Clinical Nurse Specialists

San Diego, CA

Registered Nurse and Software Engineer

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Dallas, TX

Wind Turbine Technician and Statistician

Denver, CO

Registered Nurse and Software Developers 

New Orleans, LA

Chef and Patient Care Technician

Nashville, TN

Physical Therapist and Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Jacksonville, FL

Marketing Directors and Business Development Manager

San Jose, CA

Software Engineer and Product Manager

Boston, MA

Photographer and Clinical Psychologist

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Kansas City, MO

Patient Care Technician and Registered Nurse

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There are so many more jobs available than we think there are. Specialties, small businesses, and dreams you’ve always wanted to pursue are all incredibly viable options- you just have to try a little harder to get to them. If you are interested in finding any of the jobs above and internships in the same fields head over to our Job portal and get customized option results. Before you apply, stop by our Resume Scorer and make sure that your application will be seen by recruiters. As always, if you are looking for more advice, answers, and assistance, head to Career In Progress, where I try to address all the burning topics.