So you just scored high on a test, delivered a great speech, or have been invited to share your expertise? Have you done so without believing you are worthy of being in that position?

You might have what is known as Impostor Syndrome; here is how to overcome Impostor Syndrome.

Share your feelings

Talking about how you feel and getting feedback from a colleague, friend, or family member will help you develop a realistic perspective on your abilities and competence.

Experts recommend group therapy as an option as many people with impostor syndrome mistakenly think they are the only ones with such feelings, often leading to isolation.

Opening up will help you identify the reasons for your feelings and give you a chance to tackle the underlying issues.

Know the symptoms

Knowing is half the battle, and understanding why it happens can help you spot the symptoms when they arise and apply solutions early.

The symptoms are

  • Subpar work performance
    You might fear colleagues and supervisors expect more from you than you can deliver or manage.
    The fear of not succeeding may cause someone to hold back and avoid seeking higher achievements. 
  • Not taking on responsibilities
    You might avoid getting tasks due to the fear of not being able to do them on time or satisfactorily.
  • Attributing success to external factors
    Thoughts like, “I’m only here because I’m lucky,” and the anxiety of being “found out” as a fraud.
  • Sabotaging your Success
    Engaging in behavior you know will harm you long-term, ignoring tasks you can quickly solve, etc.

Stop comparisons

Everyone is an individual and should be treated as an individual. What works for someone else might not work for and vice versa. 

Instead of hurting yourself by comparing yourself, look instead at what they did and how they did it, and see if you can replicate that success your way.

Hold your head up high

Hold your head high

Remember that if you feel like an impostor, you have achieved some degree of success in your life. Do not put yourself down by attributing your success to mere luck; turn it instead into a feeling of gratitude and accomplishment.

Everything you have accomplished is beautiful; learn to lean into your feelings and be true to yourself. Here at Upkey, our free Self-branding course can help you project yourself more clearly to others and yourself. 

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