Work-related anxiety happens to all of us to a degree; studies have found that over 6 million adults in the U.S. experience some sort of chronic anxiety. Although feeling some stress is typical, an excessive amount of concern will negatively affect your overall health and well-being.

If you find yourself worrying about the following often, this article will help you with how to deal with Work-related Anxiety.

  • Driving / Commuting to work
  • Interacting with colleagues
  • Participating in meetings
  • Giving presentations
  • Meeting deadlines

Why does it happen?

why does it happen

You may feel anxiety for a variety of reasons; these may be directly related to your job, for example:

  • Being given unclear instructions and tasks.
  • Impossible deadlines
  • Conflicts with coworkers
  • Not having the tools to work comfortably
  • Lack of Job security

Keep calm and carry on

The essential thing to learn when anxiety strikes is how to calm down when the stress level rises. Try using some of the following techniques to calm down quickly.

  • Take deep breaths
    We take short, shallow breaths when stressed, making it hard to relax. Slow down and focus on your breathing for a few minutes
  • Take a walk
    Try to walk outside a few times daily; getting fresh air and some exercise is a foolproof way to soothe your nerves.
  • Talk to someone about it
    It’s good to vent about your feelings sometimes, find a trusted coworker or friend and let them know about what you are going through; they can help you work through your anxiety and readjust your mindset.
  • Write a journal
    When you feel overwhelmed, try to write down what happened; taking time to write it down can help put your problems into perspective.

Cultivate positivity and healthy habits

positivity image

Things might seem grim at the moment, but try to focus on the good things happening and embrace a more positive outlook.

  • Maintain a tidy space
    Have designated spots for everything on your desk and keep things as clean as possible; knowing where everything is and having your surroundings be comfortable will reduce anxiety.
  • Focus on the present
    While you work, focus on what is right in front of you, one problem at a time. Worrying about future or past mistakes will just stress you out more.
  • Think of challenges as something to be overcome
    View obstacles as opportunities to grow and expand your expertise rather than a source of stress.
  • Consume less caffeine
    Although many of us just can’t do with the morning coffee or energy drink, they also make us feel more anxious. Try replacing caffeine with a fresh smoothie or decaffeinated tea.
  • Adjust your diet and sleeping habits
    Stick to a regular sleep cycle; sleeping 7-8 hours every night is recommended to feel fresh in the morning. In addition to getting quality sleep, fuel your body with a nutrient-dense diet and regular exercise.
  • If all else fails, get a diagnosis
    If you still have trouble dealing with anxiety, it’s best to get a diagnosis from a medical expert; the sooner you go, the better it is for you.

We’ve got your back

Being productive and positive at the workplace can be a difficult challenge for all of us. However, with some trial and error, you can pick yourself up and come out stronger. Please let us know if these techniques helped you in the comments, and join our community at

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