It is exceedingly common to exchange jobs more frequently than 20 years ago in today’s market. Usually, we look for a position that values us more and is more challenging than the last. But what if the new job is not quite what you expected? Should you go back to an old job?

Assuming you’ve left on good terms, you may be able to return to your old employer.

Remember why you left

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Generally, we leave an old position to move towards something new and exciting. But it’s not always the case; if you went without feeling discontent with your previous role, you are well suited to return.

Going back is excellent if the new job isn’t measuring up and the previous one was not a negative experience.

However, if you left because you were unhappy with the old role, try to find out if the conditions have improved since you stopped working.

For example, if you disagreed with the firm’s leadership, find out if there has been a change or if policies you disliked have changed.

Give your new position a fair shake

The length you should give a new job differs depending on the situation; however if the job isn’t a complete departure from what you expected. Or is it affecting your mental/physical health negatively? You should give it at least two to three months and try your best to fit in.

Think of this situation as a challenge you need to overcome, and if you make an honest effort to succeed at the job, it can turn out to be a job you are happy with, even if it’s not something you expected.

Think about the future

As people, we love the familiar. And it might be very tempting to seek something we know. You know you can manage your old job, already know the people there, and it’s an easy choice.

Consider the following, though. Is it the right choice for you?

Can you see yourself having a bright future in your old position? If not, think about why?

Is a different position open at your old employer that would be a step up from before?

Make sure to think about all your options in the long term. What do you want to achieve in, let’s say, the next five years?

If you are going back, renegotiate the terms

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Just because you are returning does not mean you can not negotiate new terms of employment. You should still approach it like any other new job regardless of where you are applying, even if you recognize the person as your old boss.

This renegotiation will help set up the nature of your work, so ensure you are comfortable with all terms involved.

Look for new opportunities

Many people have a policy of not returning to an old position, and with good reason. After all, you won’t find new challenges with such familiarity.

There are a lot of exciting career opportunities; here at Upkey, we can help you find one with our Job finder portal.