The stars have spoken.

Nearly all professionals will admit that their current career path is not what they had initially envisioned for themselves. Whether it’s due to a change of heart, or external circumstances; our plans aren’t always concrete.

Perhaps the stars have a better understanding of what’s in store for our futures–or at least what we’ll bring to the table for that obscure career.

Enjoy exploring what your sign says about your professional presence below!


  1. Wants to be the lead of projects
  2. Jealous of co-worker successes
  3. Pushes the limits with boss or authority figure


  1. Always is on time for work
  2. Is the “mom” of the office
  3. Leads by example


  1. Always sets up meetings to ask questions
  2. Helps co-workers with their work
  3. Is constantly stressed out with schedule


  1. Always is there for co-workers
  2. Gets emotional when stressed or has a deadline to meet
  3. Comes up with fresh new ideas


  1. Is always trying to impress their boss
  2. Sensitive to criticism from co-workers
  3. Takes ALL vacation days to maximize life outside the office


  1. Perfectionist with their work
  2. Does everything independently…so it gets done the right way (your way)
  3. Smartest in the office and KNOWS it


  1. Constantly changes their career goals–boss one day, quitting the next, who knows?
  2. Is always willing to share credit with co-workers for ideas and projects
  3. Non problematic with office drama


  1. Ambitious with great work ethic
  2. Is always looking for a promotion
  3. Secretive regarding their future plans…can give off secret agenda vibes


  1. Overly optimistic about the company’s future
  2. Is super impatient with co-workers who don’t meet deadlines
  3. Keeps the hard work fun


  1. If they are having a bad day, so is everybody else
  2. Hardest worker in the office
  3. Arrives at Zoom meetings before the host


  1. Has a CEO mindset
  2. Keeps private life and work life separate
  3. Overly honest while giving feedback or advice on a project


  1. Is always prepared for work
  2. Follows all of the office rules
  3. Never asks for a raise