Rarely is there a more stressful time than the first day of work. Be it a new job, new company, or a brand new field of work! Figuring out the right outfit, getting your space set up, and starting a new routine is of the utmost importance. Maybe more exciting than personally starting a new job is watching your bestie start theirs.

As a result of winter graduation being right around the corner, we are all looking for gifts to support our friends as they a new chapter. So, to inspire action, I curated a not-so-expensive but incredibly fun list of gifts to help brighten up their first days!

For the Agriculture and Naturalist Bees


For the Architecture and Construction Workers

For the Art, Audio, and Film Buffs

For the Business and Finance Bros

For the Education and Management Heros

For the Government and Public Admin Book Worms

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For the Healthcare and Anatomy Dynomos

For the Software and Computer Conductors

For the Law and Security Officers

For the Marketing and Project Management Overlords

For the Science and Technology Keepers

For Our Service Industry and Beautician Magicians

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How Does Upkey get you a ‘First Day of Work’?

Do you want a “First Day” present, too? Check out Upkey’s Job portal for a complete list of jobs and internships to fit your preferences. Before you apply, upload your resume to the Resume Scorer and make sure that you are submitting the best version of your application! Don’t forget to grab a gift for the parental figures in your life, find a list of recommendations on our recent article “Gift Ideas for Working Parents.”