Paloma Martinez is a Latin American student who attended Bradley University.

During her time on campus, she struggled with fitting in since she was one of the few minority students in her classes on campus. 

Before moving to Chicago, Paloma felt uncomfortable expressing her identity being a Latin woman in rural Illinois, but today she lives in the city. She had found a place where she could be herself and she has become more comfortable in her skin.

Paloma is an aspiring comedian looking to thrive in the comedy industry. Although she faced some challenges at the beginning with finding identity and Paloma was able to move to a new place that made her feel more at home. 

At Upkey we take pride in celebrating students who are passionate about their diversity and inclusion. Paloma’s story is just another example of how students and young adults can take control and embrace their future and heritage. 

Meet Paloma Martinez, a proud Latin woman. 

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