To Photo, Or Not To Photo?

When talking about resume formatting, there are always doubts about whether or not to put a photo on your resume. It’s hard to know if it’s a smart choice, or even what kind of picture you should add!

A Little Background 

In Mexico, many recruiters expect to see your picture on your resume, as well as in many parts of Europe too.

However, in The United States, there is a healthy skepticism about placing your picture on your resume. Fears of discrimination and bias are ever-present in the recruiting sector here.

“It is not entirely unreasonable to suspect that putting your photo on your resume could change your chances of being hired.”

Good For Some, Not For Most

Having a photo on your resume doesn’t reveal any of your skills, personal qualities or experience.

On the other hand presenting your physiognomy could actually change the way that recruiters see you as a person, even if they’ve never met you.

Some may say that you are beautiful (or handsome), ugly, unattractive, sad (or even angry), too dim-witted (or too sure of yourself).
All of these subconscious determinations could change whether or not you will get hired.

This doesn’t even include various forms of discrimination that can occur. Your age, ethnicity, disabilities, obesity, and even gender can all influence your likelihood of getting a position!

Ultimately, displaying your photograph on a resume can be a huge risk!

It creates impressions and prejudices that have no bearing on the position you’ve applied for; but, it can still decide whether or not you will be selected.

Fundamentally, putting your photo on your resume provides absolutely no objective information about your abilities, skills or perfomance.

Thus, why not go without a photo?

When You Should Show Your Face

Revealing your face on your resume is still very important in some industries.
While for some it can be a hindrance, in others, it is an integral part of you as a brand.

For people working in the hospitality, agency and modeling industr, your photo and physiognomy are an integral part of how people know you!

Additionally, in customer service, having a photo on your resume can help you demonstrate your endearing qualities to a hiring manager.
You may have a cheerful smile or a sense of confidence which could be invaluable for customer/audience roles.

It’s not unreasonable that in these types of roles, the traits that you appear to show outweigh the potential negatives listed above.

If a job posting explicitly states that a photo is necessary, or if you feel that the industry you’re applying to needs one, don’t hesitate to do it!

However, make sure that you don’t attach inappropriately (Holiday, Casual, or Unprofessional) photos, and always portray a recent one.
At the same time if your professional image is crucial to you, use a professional photographer for a headshot.

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