Maria Pimentel is an international student who attended Loyola University.

In this episode of our student success story series, Maria talks about some of the issues an international student can face during their college to career transition.

Maria’s Story

Maria is originally from Ecuador and she grew up playing tennis, so she could one day be able to get a scholarship to play college tennis in the United States.

As an international student in the US, Maria was able to obtain a legal stay as an F1 student. While playing tennis and working hard in school, Maria soon realized that the school she attended could not offer a long term solution to help Maria with legal stay after graduating from college.

Maria found it challenging to find a job that she was passionate about who would be willing to sponsor her.

After interviewing at many different companies, one recruiter explained to Maria that companies did not want to spend money sponsoring an international employee because they were worried that they may leave the company.

Maria now has a job that she enjoys and loves, however, the process was challenging. Listen to her amazing story in this video story.

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