Its exam time and we are all READY for it to be over. I know the more prepared I was for my finals the quicker the week went by and the better I felt! Here are a few study tips that I learned and actually used.

1) Study Every Day

I mean it! Studying every day will make your material seem incredibly routine, which is the goal. If you reach the point where you can reference the exact line in your notes where the answer to a practice question is, you will be able to access it from your memory just as well during the exam. 

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2) Set Yourself Up for Sucess

Getting your desk ready with all your material, turning on your instrumental playlist, and having your snacks on hand will ensure that you reach your study zen. Having everything you need and being comfortable minimizes your need to pull away from your work. Hot tip: tell roommates or family not to disturb you, they will give you external support and internal motivation to work hard for the set time. 

3) Get Moving

Ohohohoooo, yes. Going on a walk, doing your workout routine, or even getting a quick stretch makes sure your blood moves. This does a few things for your studying:

  1. Alert for more extended periods.
  2. Motivated with the influx of energy.
  3. When our body is in a good place, our mind is, too.

4) Try the SQ3R Technique

This is a studying technique I wish I had known about my whole life. This is how SQ3R works with your material. Skim the section you are focusing on, write down or reference study guide Questions you have as you skim, Read the whole section and find the answers to those questions, Recite in your own words what happened in this chapter, Review the entire section one more time before moving on. 

5) Sleep Well After Studying

I don’t necessarily mean napping, but napping does count. Being well-rested means that your mind and body are up to the task of onboarding information. Studying is a very taxing thing that requires your full attention. So, if you feel like nodding off, it’s much better to take a 20 min nap and get back to it than pushing through. More than likely, you won’t remember any information gathered when you are tired, anyway.

6) Interval Studying

Studying bite-sized chunks of subjects will keep you focused for longer. Trying to review all your history notes at once will only cause you to feel overwhelmed and want to quit. Create a study schedule that rotates between your subjects every day to keep your concentration at a maximum. Reward yourself after each subject by walking around or texting everyone back.

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7) Take Breaks

You are still a human being, even if you might not feel like it this week. Taking care of yourself is incredibly important because you can’t perform at your best if you don’t feel at your best. Taking breaks to eat a balanced meal, showering, and relaxing is the key to concentrating and accessing the information you studied on test day. If you exhaust yourself while studying then get a full night sleep right before the test, you will still be tired on test day. Trust me, that negates all the work you put into learning the material.

You can do this. You are brilliant, capable, and valuable member of society. If you put things into perspective, which you should always do when things feel tough, this is just a blip on your life map. So, why not put maximum effort into it, then mic-drop that pen before moonwalking out of that room, like a renegade?

Whats next?

I know, I know, but it is important to think about! Let me tell you what should come after finals week, aside from a well deserved break. Getting your career path sorted out, its honestly way easier than you think it is and its one less thing to think about later! Use Upkey’s Job portal to find jobs and internships that can give you experience in your chosen field. When you are ready to apply, double check your resume’s potency with the Resume Scorer. Looking for a way to support a friend who is starting their first day work? Check out Upkey’s Gift Guide for supportive recommendations.